Platelet Rich Plasma, well-known in its short form of "PRP", is a rich blood-platelet concentrate derived from a person's own blood.

In this treatment method, the rich blood-platelet concentrate is injected into the area where the hairs become thinned.

10 cc blood should be taken for the PRP treatment. Blood platelets are segregated through a laboratory analysis which lasts for 25 minutes after the blood-taking process. Blood platelets contain tissue enzymes and nourishing factors which play an important role in tissue repair.

When they are applied on a hairy skin, they create a refreshing and regenerative effect on the hair follicles. This effect is visible in 3 weeks to 3 months after the application.

The fluid derived from a person's own blood is used, which eliminates the risk of allergy. The number of sessions is determined depending on the type and size of the area of application. PRP treatment is appropriate for men or women whose hairs have become thinned but which have not lost completely.

PRP treatment is applied in IV sessions. It should be repeated once a year so that the results can last for a long time.

You can get back to your daily life and normal business routine after the application.