In shaved hair transplantation applications where hairs are trimmed completely, it affects the comfort of persons in their social lives to wait for growing of their hairs. This is where unshaven hair transplantation is preferred in hair plantation applications, and it is planned where it is determined by the doctor that there is a low graft need.

It is ideal for persons to maintain their old hair styles after the operation.

It eliminates all factors affecting the aesthetical look in the donor and transplantation areas.

Persons can get back to their daily lives so fast.

This operation is performed upon application of local anesthesia. The first wash should take place 2 days after the operation. The recovery period is not different than the recovery period of the standard shaved hair transplantation application.

The transplanted hairs are lost temporarily in 3 to 4 weeks. The hair follicles, which are lost temporarily, grow completely in the 6th month. The hairs take their final form in the 12th month.